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>What if you need a website for you or your  (small-) business? And offcourse, you would require a modern look and feel. Also, content needs to be manageble. Well. Seems like you've come to the right place!






When you are looking for a low-cost but modern and manageble website, look no further! We can provide you with a system that allows you to manage content easily - while having access to modern technologies like the ones this very website is using! For instance, do you like the nifty image-scrolling carousel above? Or the in-page scrolling effects? Don't worry if that shouldn't be the case, all these things are optional and managable. What about the modern look? Using Twitter Bootstrap and some great libraries and frameworks like Laravel, we're ready to kickstart your website in no-time and at low costs.

Work in progress

This website has just recently launched - so many changes and updates are still to come. Heck, we might be missing some pages, like our tutorials! Check back again soon for more!

Created: 2014-08-21 12:47:30


Our System

We deliver websites based on a self-written CMS (Content Management System). This system enables you to generate blocks of code which this website uses to change background-colors and background effects. It automates navigation to your pages and also to in-page content. It allows you to create, change and delete items in each of the so-called "blocks". The system is called EZCMS2, and is currently still in development. This meaning that the system is operational, but certain functionallity is still being created and published.

Our Experience

Experience is what has lead us from system to system, design to design, and has landed us where we are now! Safe to say: major improvements are still to come and needed, but at what cost? In improving our knowledge of PHP and it's usefull frameworks, we can move on and offer you a great way to obtain a good lookin', but cheap website!

Your Design

When creating a website - it's all about the looks. We closely work with our customers to ensure their are satisfied with the way the website looks. It should be your design, not ours - we just create what you want! Since we developed the operating part of the website ourselves, changes can be implemented the way you want them to be!


About Me

My name is, as you might have guessed, Dave Bronckers. I'm studying ICT at HSZuyd, the Netherlands. Besides my study, one of my main interests lies in developing websites and webbased systems. Many of the technologies used in my products are self-taught, which include

Me! O Really? Ya, really!

  • PHP (4 / 5) - using the Laravel Framework
  • MySQL
  • jQuery - AJAX / JSON requests
  • Twitter Bootstrap's CSS Framework
  • ASP.NET MVC Framework

These techniques are applied to the website you are currently viewing aswell.

During my study, I gained some experiance in developing in the .NET framework (C#), mainly using windows forms. Also I've been in touch with XNA, Android and Windows Phone development. My study currently focusses on .NET development in Microsoft Visual Studio and I'll be using the experiance in my upcoming internship.

My Portfolio

Since describing your skills isn't enough, or rather, isn't quite convincing, I've set up my own portfolio for you to view. Dont hesitate to scroll through and leave a comment or question should you feed the need!

Other Stuff

Unrelated to my interests in the ICT-world, I also do other things. These things include watching alot of football.  Did I say alot? I enjoy outdoor running, which I do many times a week (I like relative terms, like 'many'. Guess why. Follow me on Strava, thats right!). Music, ahh, could talk hours about that. Beirut? Arcade Fire. Fanfarlo? Anyone? You can check my playlists at Last.fm


Contact Me

Interested in having your own website, for you or your business? Or do you have a question, comment about something on my website, or something else you need off your chest? Don't hesitate to get in touch. No strings attached!

Ways of contacting

You can contact me by filling in the contact-form on the right hand side.
Alternatively, you can send me an email by mailing to info [at] davebronckers [dot] nl.

I will be glad to return your message.